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Raindrops Against the Moon: A Stormy Night in Texas

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Rain pelted the box window above the kitchen sink, making the metallic ping of a Messerschmitt strafing along the coast of France.

The noise and lightning finally stopped, with only the red alert light blinking on the burglar alarm system panel near the front door.


Raindrops Against the Moon: A Stormy Night in Texas

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Looking toward the box window it appeared to glow, but the house was awash in rain sounds. I walked toward the window and looked upward into the light. The moon was full and motherly pregnant. She was surrounded by ominous warrior clouds. Yet somehow her cheerful beam had penetrated the void and warmed away their anger, placing her brilliance upon the earth.

The light fell upon my face. I smiled and every crack, crevice, contour line and blemish received a rich, warming moon bath. The window became a glowing gate for receivership.

Now the rumblings and lightening returned, but the moon refused to give up her position or radiance. The rain intensified. I held my breath and saw raindrops against the moon. Their shapes reflected like a million fireflies as they absorbed the lunar rays.

In the backyard, I could see the puddles and identify raindrops falling into them from the air and off trees and shrubs. Air-borne raindrops took their places in the puddles or added collectively to make new ones.

Sometimes life can become a little dark and scary. Yet even in this mental tomb, we can find the light, as I did one rainy night in Texas.

When tension and stress attack my system, I close my eyes and find myself standing near the sink looking out the box window. My pulse slows, worrying subsides, and a smile the length of a river crosses my face. I open my eyes, looking into the threatening heavens. Then I feel their warmth, and I see raindrops against the moon.

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