Repel Mosquitoes Naturally: Home, Outdoors, Camping

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Mosquitoes. They’re everywhere! They are the bane of summer fun, of relaxing in the cool evening shade or cooking out. Especially where there is any kind of water or warm bodies. And, they are dangerous. So, what to do to help repel mosquitoes?


Repel Mosquitoes

Photo: Flickr/Thomas Knox

There are a number of plants that are not only lovely, but they do, indeed, repel mosquitoes. One of the most popular is Citronella, which is a variety of geranium. Very aromatic, easy to grow and these pesky “Kamakazi” insects hate them. Keep them potted and you can take them with you to the camp or picnic areas. Treat as you would any other geranium.


Repel Mosquitoes

Photo: Flickr/jen2d2

Another very popular insect repellent is Mint. Who doesn’t love mint? Well, mosquitoes don’t like mint. You can crush and rub some leaves on your arms, face, and legs. While you may get buzzed, you will not get bitten by mosquitoes. This is another plant that you can travel with, in pots, to the great outdoors when camping or fishing. Don’t forget to drop some crushed mint leaves into your iced tea for a most refreshing drink.


Repel Mosquitoes

Photo: Flickr/Heidi Andrade

Everyone knows that Marigolds are a natural insect repellent. They are very effective in your vegetable gardens, your flower gardens, but most important around your lounging areas, particularly if you have a swimming pool. They come in all colors from white to a deep red and are supreme beauties in decorative pots.

Lemongrass & Rosemary

Repel Mosquitoes
Photo: Flickr/Kimberly Reinhart

One of the best culinary herbs/grasses is Lemongrass, unless you are a mosquito. If you haven’t cooked with it yet, please do. Make sure it doesn’t have any chemicals on it. It is tall, lush, and mosquitoes will not come within smelling range of this lemon flavored repellent. They truly hate it. Once established, it gets up to three or four feet tall and continues spreading out. Rosemary is another herb that mosquitoes do not like. It does work, quite well, as a repellent, but remember that it can grow large and bushy.

Lemon Balm

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