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This Texas Hill Country Restaurant Serves Heaps of Mind-blowing Fries With Every Order

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Food Insider posted a video to their YouTube channel this month featuring Clark’s Oyster Bar in Austin, here in the Texas Hill Country, due to the overwhelming appeal of the fries they serve with every order. In the description of their video they explain, “They go through more than 1,200 Kennebec potatoes a week. Because of the way the potatoes are fried, the side dish tastes more like potato chips than fries. Whether you love them or hate them, the fries are sure to spark a conversation.”

Using Kennebec potatoes because they’re low in moisture and they crisp up better, they hand-slice them on a mandoline, rinse off the starch, and then dunk them in their fryer. With a little bit of seasoning for flavor, they’re good to go. Served with hamburgers or lobster rolls (or as a dish all their own), the plating process makes them look quite tasty and definitely unique.

The type of potato that’s used creates the sensation that you’re practically eating a potato chip as opposed to a fry, and fans of Clark’s either really love them, or hate them, according to the video. The clip has been watched over 166K times. The comments range from things like, “The fries are skinny, but I won’t be afterwards,” to noting that everything’s bigger in Texas. What are your thoughts? Fries like this could go far if they really fill you up. Have you been to Clark’s Oyster Bar in Austin?