50 Safest Cities in Texas Identified: Did Your City Make the List?

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According to a recent study issued by the SafeWise website, the 50 safest cities in Texas have been ranked for the fifth year in a row. Statewide crime rates were taken into account, and there are definitely some parts of the Lone Star State that could use some improvement.

Compared to national averages, Texas has slightly higher violent crime rates. However, there’s an up-side to the data in that 84% of the state’s safest cities reported less than one violent crime per 1K residents. The SafeWise study compared major city centers across the state and looked at the data with respect to property crime as well.

50 Safest Cities in Texas Identified: Did Your City Make the List?

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Of the data studied, some of the interesting details that were gleaned included:

  • Kermit was identified as the safest city overall, with zero reports of violent crimes in 2017.
  • 80% of the cities that made this year’s list were also on the 2018 list.
  • 96% of the cities reported less than 100 violent crimes.
  • No city had over 1.16 incidents of crime per 1,000 residents.
  • 80% of the cities were free of murder.
  • Digital security was identified as the top safety concern.

Where only eight percent of Texas respondents to the State of Safety study experienced a violent crime, 21% experienced a digital security issue over the course of the last year.

50 Safest Cities in Texas Identified: Did Your City Make the List?

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Memorial Village, Fairview, Trophy Club, and Colleyville rounded out the top 5 safest Texas cities following Kermit. The full rankings can be found at the link available here and include the population, median income, violent crime rate (per 1,000 residents), and property crime rate (per 1,000 residents). The company also provided its study methodology together with recommendations for what they see as the best home security systems. If your city wasn’t found in the top 50, SafeWise further went on to identify, in list form, the rankings of the subsequent cities past that number, down to the number 287, which unfortunately is held by Texarkana.