Unbelievable Success Story: Schreiner University in Kerrville

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Current and former students of Schreiner University in Kerrville have fond memories of the picturesque school set in the rugged Hill Country. The origins of the school date back 100 years to 1917 when an entrepreneur set out to create an educational institution in his hometown. Today, the school serves hundreds each year in its undergraduate and graduate programs.


Schreiner University Entrance

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In 1917, Charles Schreiner, Sr., of Kerrville, sought to establish a military institution in town. By 1923, the Schreiner Military Institute, which would later become the university, started housing and educating boys in secondary and junior college level courses. The military training portion of the school’s education system lasted until 1971, and two years later, the school changed to Schreiner College, which offered numerous college-level courses. It wasn’t until 1983 when the school finally became a four-year college, and with the addition of graduate programs, it became a university in 2001.

Academic Programs

Flag Day at Scnreiner University

Photo: Facebook/Schreiner University

This university has both undergraduate degrees and graduate programs available. The graduate programs consist of an MBA program done on weekends for two years, and Masters in Education done on Saturdays for one year. Undergraduate programs include nursing, accounting, psychology, theater, music, and 22 more. The school also offers teacher and nurse certification.

School Demographics

Schreiner University Morning Sunrise

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The school is a small university, with two-thirds of the classes holding fewer than 20 people, encouraging student-teacher interaction. What also makes this school stand out is the lack of teaching assistants. All educators have full degrees. Only 1,000 students attend Schreiner University on campus in Kerrville, but this school also has several courses available online. A private school affiliated with the Presbyterian church, Schreiner does not have religious requirements for attending and welcomes students of all faiths. This small school in Texas is making a big impact in the lives of its students by providing them with an education to improve their prospects.

Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI)

Schreiner University Commencement

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One of the groups Schreiner helps is Hispanics. In fact, this university qualifies as a Hispanic Serving Institution because more than 25 percent of the student body has Hispanic heritage. As a high-performing HSI school, Schreiner received Title V funding. This will be used to improve the university experience for Hispanic students and for everyone on campus.


Schreiner University Home of the Mountaineers

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For its centennial in 2023, Schreiner will create and implement a plan for school improvement. Over the last 100 years, this university has changed greatly from a military school for boys to a co-ed university with a diverse student body. With the new plan, the school shows it continues to strive for growth into the next century of its operations.