Sheet Pan Nachos Made With Pimento Cheese: Dinner Made Easy

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The opportunity to combine things you love into a food dish is relatively a dime-a-dozen, but sometimes we don’t see an amazingly delicious amalgamation of things we love until someone else does it first and sets it before us. Such is the case with sheet pan nachos made with pimento cheese.

The truth is, we love pimento cheese. However, generally, for whatever reason, we turn to cheddar or sometimes mozzarella for our nachos – yet another thing we love here in Texas. Nachos are a staple as an appetizer or even a meal. We have them during football games, at barbecues, and sometimes even at weddings! However, this particular version allows for us to combine our love for both the aforementioned cheese as well as a nacho dish that supports hearty meat that’s been barbecued or slow-smoked! It’s like a lightbulb went off in someone’s mind that was directly linked to the nerve endings running their taste buds! What a stroke of luck for them, and for us! Southern Bite can be thanked for this creation, and we’re sure you’re going to want to shake their hands (at the least) and perhaps send them a card or name your first-born after them (no, not really).

Sheet Pan Nachos

Sheet Pan Nachos Made With Pimento Cheese: Dinner Made Easy


Key ingredients for this recipe include:

Tortilla chips

Pimento cheese

Roma tomatoes



Pulled pork (or substitute your choice of barbecued meat)


Southern Bite has the low-down on how to prepare this crowd-pleasing taste sensation. You’ll likely want to make a grocery list in advance unless you generally have all the ingredients on-hand (and if you’re from Texas, you’ll definitely have several of them readily stocked in your pantry or fridge). This can be made in a matter of a half-hour, approximately, and you’re going to want to serve them right after cooking, in order that your guests get the best version of the dish. Allowing your sheet pan nachos to cool will have the unfortunate side-effect of softening the chips, which doesn’t always taste that great to many. So, prepare yourself to be wowed with the effect of the meat and the pimento cheese on a dish that, before now, you didn’t necessarily prepare with anything other than ground beef or chicken and the standard grocery-store cheese. This really amps things up!