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Shocking Video: Utility Worker Thrown From Bucket Lift After Truck Crash

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A shocking video has surfaced showing a utility worker dangling from his bucket over a busy Fort Bend road. The worker thankfully survived the harrowing accident which took place in Fort Bend County.

Traffic Systems Construction employee Juan Lopez was identified by local media as the individual seen in the shocking incident caught on camera below. In discussion with ABC13 Eyewitness News, the company said that Lopez suffered minor bruises from the accident. However, he walked away from it relatively unharmed and was able to return to work the following day. After watching the terrifying video, you’ll see why that seems like a true Texas miracle.

Video: Twitter/@sherifftnehls/Video credit-Andrew Wolf

Shared on Sheriff Troy Nehl’s Twitter page, the incident was caught on camera by photographer Andrew Wolf via his dashcam. Lopez declined an interview with ABC13 Eyewitness News. However, his boss did further explain the incident shown above by saying that Lopez did see the truck that hit his bucket as it was coming down Highway 90 at Pitts Road in Fort Bend. According to this same individual, Lopez tried to raise his bucket, but he didn’t have time to complete the process. Thankfully, his safety harness ensured that he was relatively secure in the fall, and it prevented him from hitting the roadway below. Sheriff Troy Nehls took to social media regarding the shocking accident, urging drivers to pay better attention on Texas roads. He also stated that there was no wrongdoing on the part of Lopez. “He was properly tethered and walked away from the crash. Please give maintenance workers some room and move over a lane when you see them,” he explained on Twitter.