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Attend a Sleepover at a Haunted Texas Hospital & Go Ghost Hunting

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Although the doors were closed to patients over two decades ago, on occasion the Old Yoakum Community Hospital allows visitors (with permission) to investigate the rumored hauntings on the property. Such is the case for the month of October this year when just prior to Halloween, the hospital is welcoming guests to have a two-night sleepover. I can already hear some of you saying “Oh, heck no,” (in a stronger fashion, of course!). The hospital was constructed in 1922 and was in operation until the late ’90s when it was replaced by a larger nearby facility. According to rumor, however, not every soul left.

Attend a Sleepover at a Haunted Texas Hospital & Go Ghost Hunting

Photo: Facebook/PhantasmaTX

The words “sleepover” and “investigation” could almost send chills up your spine when said in the company of the Old Yoakum Community Hospital. Those who dare do so throughout the year are brave in my books, let alone tempting fate during an already spooky time of year. Partnering with Haunted Texas Paranormal, the hospital will be hosting this slumber party beginning at 8 p.m. on October 26 and ending at 8 a.m. on October 28. Guests will have the option of staying their choice of one or two nights for this sleepover, and in the process, what’s being termed as a “full blown” paranormal investigation will also take place. This includes a tarot card reading and séance, a class on how to conduct a paranormal investigation, use of team equipment, as well as beverages and snacks.

Attend a Sleepover at a Haunted Texas Hospital & Go Ghost Hunting

Photo: Facebook/Old Haunted Yoakum Community Hospital

According to the Haunted Texas Ghost Tours website, among the spirits said to be still roaming the hospital are the former director of nursing, a young nurse, and a priest, as well as others. If you count yourself among the brave who can handle such a sleepover, or if your curiosity is simply getting the better of you (remember… there’s some sort of warning about that), the cost to attend is $99 for a one-night stay or $150 for two nights. Visit the hospital’s website to learn more… if you dare.