SlideRider Could Turn Your Stairs Into an Indoor Playground

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The SlideRider was launched in 2014 and marketed as an indoor slide that can be attached to your staircase, in effect, turning it into a huge slide! According to the Quirky YouTube channel, it received great online accolades from the likes of Drew Carey and Sarah Michelle Gellar, in addition to other celebrities. After that, the company was put on the fast-track to development, and five years later, voilà! A giant indoor playground could soon become a reality!

Ask any kid what part of the playground they seem to enjoy the most, and a slide will most definitely be mentioned. The SlideRider, although currently still in its R&D phase, was facilitated by Quirky in a group development format supporting collaboration. On days when a child’s creativity and ability to come up with new things to do tends to wane, this indoor slide may compensate where all other ideas fade. Many of us here in Texas will have fond memories of riding down our stairs at home in cardboard boxes, sleeping bags, laundry baskets, and even trash bags. Although fun, it was also dangerous and could be quite painful! SlideRider is working to take the pain out and simply add more fun to the mix with a unique and easy assembly that’s easy to store and assemble.

Video: YouTube/Quirky

Shared on the Quirky YouTube channel, the SlideRider is designed in red and blue and is easily folded up for storage into a carrying package. It secures to the stairs in your home in order to prevent movement and possible harm. For added safety, it also features bumpers (or side rails) on both sides as well as along the bottom. Although it continues to be listed in “the portfolio launch phase” through Quirky, it’s potential price tag is estimated at $76.00. The prototype has been constructed at a slightly more narrow width dimension than a standard set of stairs in order to ensure more room on the side, as well as to accommodate users for climbing back up the stairs to slide again! In short order, you could soon have an indoor playground that will please even the parents!