The Groovy Smell of Gravy: KFC Offering Gravy-scented Candle

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Pour some gravy on us! As if chicken-scented yule logs and sausage-scented wrapping paper weren’t wild enough, you can now add one more food-scented product to your wish list. Kentucky Fried Chicken is now offering to liven up your house with the smell of their gravy-scented candle. The limited-release is sure to be a hit for the fried chicken chain.

The colonel’s latest offering was apparently created by a brand-trusted perfumer. The gravy ingredients were split into constituent parts, then the perfumer matched fragrances to each of them. Throughout the process, the perfumer took an artisanal approach. The mouth-watering aroma is sure to be a welcome addition to your house. That groovy gravy scent is a delight to KFC fans everywhere. Has there ever been a more enticing smell? Not likely!

Video: YouTube/KFC UK and Ireland

Unfortunately, the bad news is that the limited-edition candle will only be available in the U.K.  and only for the first 230 who apply. In the past, KFC has released other perfume products. Back in 2016, the colonel created 25 fried chicken-scented candles in New Zealand. In 2017, KFC unleashed a chicken-scented bath bomb in Japan. There’s no word yet on whether the gravy-scented candle will be available in America, but fans of the colonel can only hope.

For those of you surprised that KFC even has a presence in Britain, as of December 2013, there were almost 800 KFC outlets in the U.K. and annual sales amount to 60,000 metric tons of chicken. In fact, England was actually the first overseas branch of Kentucky Fried Chicken. The Preston, Lancashire, location opened in May 1965. Not only was it the first KFC in England, it was also the first American fast food restaurant chain in the country. By nearly a decade, KFC’s arrival pre-dated that of McDonald’s, Burger King, and Pizza Hut.