Smoked Chicken Green Chile Dip Wins the Potluck Popularity Contest!

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With the party season soon in full swing, so too will be the flood of invitations to potluck meals, office get-togethers, and the like, all in celebration of the holidays! How do we celebrate them the best? Why, with delicious food, of course. Short of being the person asked to bring the chips and dip (generally the lowest rung on the potluck contribution ladder), you could always bring a great appetizer like Smoked Chicken Green Chile Dip. Not only is this a tasty dip, but it’s easy to make, and it won’t cause other party-goers to turn up their noses, sending you home with leftovers!

Showcased by The Texas Chef, Smoked Chicken Green Chile Dip incorporates tasty, shredded, smoked chicken with cream cheese, ricotta cheese, and diced green chiles (among other wonderfully tasty ingredients) to make a mouthwatering appetizer worthy of a holiday potluck award. If you’ve ever dreamt of having people gush over the very recipe you made and took to the office party, the girls/guys gathering, or the family brunch, this is it! And coming from a Texas-based website, making truly inspired and delicious recipes that definitely hail from the Lone Star State… well, this will simply fit right in!

Smoked Chicken Green Chile Dip

Smoked Chicken Green Chile Dip Wins the Potluck Popularity Contest!


Key ingredients for this recipe include:

Shredded Smoked Chicken

Cream Cheese

Ricotta Cheese

Diced Green Chiles



The Texas Chef shares the full recipe for Smoked Chicken Green Chile Dip at the link provided here. The full ingredient list, measurements, and step-by-step instructions will soon have you making this dish in less than a half-hour, according to directions. This is served hot, so you’ll need to ensure that the finished product comes out in a heat-proof or heat-protected fashion if you’re carting it to the office, a family’s home, or the neighbor’s Christmas party. It could be served with tortilla chips, garlic bread, crackers, and the like. Whether you take a little or a lot to the party, you’re probably even going to want to keep some of this at home to savor later… since it’s going to win the potluck popularity contest!