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Have a Spooky Shopping Spree at The Glass Coffin

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If you love spooky and macabre all 12 months out of the year, consider supporting a small Austin business who does dark oddities well: The Glass Coffin. Located at 1006 S. 1st Street in Austin, Texas, alongside an online shop, unusual items are the specialty here. Themes of vampires, the undead, and spell-crafting can be found among the stock of vintage pieces, décor, candles, and more. Hours are currently restricted as well as total number of people allowed in the store. Double-check openings before visiting and be sure to adorn a nose and mouth covering face mask while COVID-19 precautions last.

Have a Spooky Shopping Spree at The Glass Coffin

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Looking for a book about palmistry? Or perhaps a lapel pin with the crusty face of Beetlejuice? Established in 2017, The Glass Coffin is a favorite for locals and visitors to explore the unknown. A former home converted to a shop, even this transformation is indicative of turning to a darker self. There is a lot to take in here, from exotic books to jewelry to art and taxidermy; this is a shopping experience unparalleled. Follow others and take your Insta pic in a tall-backed Gothic chair or oversized coffin.

Embrace your dark side or purchase for a friend while supporting small businesses when Texan support is needed most. Spooky doesn’t have to live only in October! Here is a cadaverous tale to get the mood going: “The Glass Coffin” is a traditional German fairy tale, which was collected by the Brothers Grimm and has many sourced variations. One version involves a young man who becomes lost, stays with a stranger, and awakens to a great struggle of horns between a bull and a great stag. The stag wins, scoops up the young man in its antlers, and takes him to a door which leads him to a woman in a glass coffin, imprisoned by magic.