Take a Ride to Grab a Cold Beer at Hillbillyz of Texas

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Hillbillyz of Texas is a small bar tucked away in the Texas Hill Country between Sisterdale and Kendalia, outside of Boerne on Ranch-to-Market Road 473. The entrance has the name welded from muffler pipes on the front gate; its location on top of the hill and in the middle of beautiful scenery may cause a miss and a turnaround the first time out. The parking lot is crushed granite and has plenty of spots. Walking up to the building, you’ll see a small screened smokehouse which likely gets a lot of action, especially in the cooler months of the year. Approaching the building, note the restrooms are on the outside, on the corner of the building’s wall, facing out.

Restroom on the corner

Photo Courtesy of Jamie Garcia

The interior features various tables with mismatched chairs and a bar with stools; behind the bar are several good-natured people ready to serve beer and wine, and some dinner to whet your appetite. Selection of beer is quite varied.

Some wine and food

Photo Courtesy of Jamie Garcia

Early on Friday evening boasted a large group of regulars sitting inside (perhaps due to impending rain); the wraparound porch was empty. There are a great number of things to look at both inside and out including old road signs, rusted equipment, and taxidermy, with some more risqué than others.

See the naughtiness?

Photo Courtesy of Jamie Garcia

Beyond the porch is a nice slab with tree coverage to one side, a water tank, and a stage; frequency of live entertainment is a bit nebulous but the setup is ready! The views of the hills are lovely and the vibe here is quite relaxed. There’s even an annual chili cookoff in November! Overall, it’s an authentic Hill Country place to have a beer and grab a bite of food to go along with it. It’s well worth the road trip, as long as you come prepared because you are a long way from any town, and the road is dark and twisting. Hillbillyz of Texas is open Friday through Sunday and occasionally on Thursdays. Cheers!