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Kendalia, Texas is an unincorporated community in Kendall County. In the 1840’s, George Wilkins Kendall brought sheep ranching to the area, sparking the name for the community. In the 20th century, Kendalia had a drugstore, general store, post office, and two churches. The community was heavily based around cattle, sheep, and goat ranches. A lot of residents still work on ranches, but most individuals commute to big cities for work.

Experience Kendalia in one of the oldest dance halls in the whole state of Texas, Kendalia Halle. The dance hall is typically home to nights filled with live music one Saturday each month. Kendalia Halle provides free drinks and BBQ to each guest. They also offer guests the opportunity to host a private event such as weddings, corporate meetings, etc…

Cave Without A Name is under 10 miles from Kendalia. It is a natural living cave made from limestone which was discovered in the 20th century. There are six distinct rooms within the cave. The cave is constantly warm, well lit with secure walkways, and is referred to as Texas’ best kept secret.

Cascade Caverns is only 18 miles away. This cavern is the oldest living cave in Texas. It is one of seven show caves in the area. Cascade Caverns is a perfect attraction for all ages and for an affordable price. The cavern is about 85% active. Kids will absolutely love seeing salamanders and bats roam the caves.

Visitors and residents can enjoy nearby golf courses. Rebecca Creek Golf Course is 10.4 miles away from Kendalia. River Crossing Golf Club is 11 miles away from Kendalia.

Kendalia Texas

City Summary
Population: 459 (2010)
Elevation: 1,384 ft
Visit Kendalia Halle, one of the oldest dance halls in Texas.
Cave Without A Name is less than 10 miles away.
Cascade Caverns is 18 miles away.

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