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Stay, Eat, Play: Rocksprings, Angora Goat & Soon-To-Be Stargazing Capital of the World

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All photos courtesy of Eric W. Pohl

High atop the Edwards Plateau sits the town of Rocksprings in the Texas Hill Country. Receiving its name from the natural springs that come through the porous rock of the area, the town was established in 1891. It has a moderate level of permanent residents (topping out at just over 1,200 in the year 2000 and then declining only slightly since.) It also has a bit of a dark history which makes you wonder how on Earth it’s still here really.

Back in 1927, the town was hit by an F5 tornado, destroying 235 of the 247 buildings in existence and causing a high number of casualties. But the townspeople proved resilient and later rebuilt and started anew. Their economy centers around wool and mohair, which may be why it’s called the Angora Goat Capital of the World, there’s an angora goat statue on a corner of the town square, and the name of their weekly paper is “The Rocksprings Record and Texas Mohair Weekly.” It’s quite the place, and if you’re a fan of that industry, a hunter, a nature love, or you find yourself wanting to gaze dreamily at the Texas stars, then Rocksprings is the place for you!

Where to Stay in Rocksprings

Historic Rocksprings Hotel

The Historic Rocksprings Hotel celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2016 and continues to welcome guests just as it did back in the day. A prominent courthouse square hotel, guests can unwind and watch the hotel’s big-screen TV or relax with a good book in their library. Their 11 rooms are well-appointed and furnished with a local flair, and the hallways are adorned with full bookshelves, which guests can borrow from, as well as heirlooms and photos from the family that owns the hotel. Constructed in 1916, the hotel had closed for a short period in the 1990s before the present owners acquired the property, and in 2009 renovated it, including the two-level veranda which faces the courthouse and allows shade for coffee-sipping in the morning and a high perch from which to stargaze at night.

Dining in Rocksprings

Lotus Thai Cafe – Pad Ped With Shrimp

Lotus Thai Cafe is a great local place to try when you’re in the town of Rocksprings, with such delicacies as tom ka soup, orange chicken, pad prik king, crab rangoon, and pad thai. It adds a flair of the unexpected to the Texas Hill Country town.

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