Street Tacos of Texas Are Feature Focus in Viral YouTube Video

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Tony Maples Photography


The talk of tacos in Texas ranges from puffy to hard shell, Al Pastor to Barbacoa, and everything in between. We love everything about them, and we generally continue to pay homage to the places we love that produce the best of them. “Taco ninja…taco Jedi is more like it…” said one individual in the recent video post to the Munchies YouTube channel, entitled “Street Tacos of Texas – Street Food Icons.” Don’t you love street tacos?

“Jose Luis Perez Mendez, better known as El Primo, is king of breakfast tacos in Austin, TX. He’s been selling street tacos for over 14 years in Austin. He sells chorizo, ham, migas and bean and cheese breakfast tacos as well as traditional carne asada, al pastor and barbacaoa street tacos to his clientele in South Austin,” the video caption reads. This Texas Hill Country tacopreneur (no, we haven’t trademarked the term, so feel free to use it…) was featured in the Munchies clip that has seen close to 1 million views since it was uploaded in December 2019!

Video: YouTube/Munchies

The Munchies YouTube channel features video content from the website and digital media vault of VICE, dedicated to food. Launched in 2014, it shares all the tasty details around food and food-related events which have manifested as a result, generating interest in the kinds of experiences they create for the audience. Focusing on everything including home cooks and chefs, those who enjoy their food, innovations in menu items, and the restaurant life in general, it definitely entices its audience.

The focus on El Primo and Jose Luis Perez Mendez brings to light one of the finer examples of tacos and our love for them here in the Lone Star State in terms of preparation, taste experience, and appreciation. People travel from throughout the area to enjoy one of his tacos in Austin, and his customers rave about his creations in the video.