Study: Super Bowl Parties and the Most Popular Food by State

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While the upcoming Super Bowl LIV in Miami Gardens, Florida, will be one of the biggest NFL games of the year, for many of us here in Texas, that Sunday (February 2, 2020) will have little to do with the game and more to do with watching the commercials and enjoying Super Bowl parties. The laughs, the food, and the drinks, not to mention the gathering of family and friends, are usually the biggest aspects of the entire day and night! And we definitely know how to celebrate large!

According to a recent study, Super Bowl parties across the U.S. are getting bigger and better than ever. On average, a host will spend somewhere around $174 to host, including traditional tailgating food and drinks. These parties attract all sorts of fans, from the die-hard football freak (ahem… we are Texan after all) to the casual fan who comes for the food and commercial breaks. In fact, 43 percent of Americans who tune in to this game in some fashion wish it was held on a Saturday instead of a Sunday, perhaps so their partying doesn’t get the best of them for work the next day. One in every four of us watched strictly for the commercials.

Study: Super Bowl Parties and the Most Popular Food by State


The halftime show is also a featured highlight every year. 39% of us actually think this part of the presentation goes on far too long. In other words, they want more gridiron and perhaps less bumping and grinding on a stage or dance floor. In terms of where we tune in to the talent, 43% watch the Super Bowl from home, 36% will attend a party, 15% will host a party, and another seven percent will watch the game from a bar or restaurant. As a result, 19% of everyone who watches the game will call-in sick to work on the Monday afterward.

Study: Super Bowl Parties and the Most Popular Food by State

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With respect to foods, the study also analyzed Google search statistics for the purpose of finding out what everyone’s going to eat on the big day! According to result, the favorite Super Bowl party food was listed by each state and in Texas, and that was none other than Seven Layer Dip! Each state as well as each major metro area were listed for their favorite football party food based on Google Trends data, and some of our cities may surprise you! Houston and San Antonio are into Buffalo Chicken Dip, Dallas followed the state’s lead with Seven Layer Dip. Austin and Fort Worth were happy with Beef Nachos. For the rest of the stats, tips, and tricks that came out of the Super Bowl party study, visit the link available here.