Sweet Tea Sangria is the Texas Summer Drink Sensation You’ve Been Searching For

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Sweet tea is a Texas staple. As luck would have it, our state is also great at producing some epic white wine, not to mention the great peach crop that comes directly from central and north Texas. The fruit is so juicy and delicious on its own you may wonder why on earth you’d want to put it into a drink that might change its taste. Well, the fact of the matter is that this drink allows for the flavors of all three of these items noted above to marry quite nicely into a cocktail that will go down too easy if you’re not keeping an eye on things! Take a sip of Sweet Tea Sangria.

If you make use of a Moscato, it may even serve to improve on this creation. However, the makers at Delish have the recipe, as well as the preparation steps all typed out for you, so you don’t necessarily have to diverge from the plan unless you want. Poured over ice, this is the perfect beverage for hot spring and summer Texas barbecues and cookouts. This particular concoction calls for frozen peaches (which you may already have on hand from last year’s crop), but you could also use the fresh ones in-season if you prefer.

Sweet Tea Sangria

Sweet Tea Sangria is the Texas Summer Drink Sensation You’ve Been Searching For


Key ingredients for this recipe include:

White wine


Frozen peaches



For the full ingredient listing complete with measurements and preparation instruction, visit the Delish.com website at the link provided here. This can easily be made ahead of a special occasion or you can simply have it on hand for sipping whenever you choose. It makes a great pool-side beverage or a colorful drink for your next at-home soiree. Whatever the occasion, you can toast the season with fresh, Texas-made drinks and fruit, bringing together the best of both worlds.