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A Quick Guide to Cooling Off at Hamilton Pool

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The Texas Hill Country offers many gems of nature with breathtaking views and exciting activities. One such place, particularly for summer time, is Hamilton Pool. The pool is a sunken grotto that is naturally fed by a gorgeous waterfall off of Hamilton Creek. Although Hamilton Pool is amazing to visit, there are some important things to be mindful of when wanting to take a trip to go swimming there.

The Logistics

Calm waters of Hamilton PoolPhoto: Wikimedia

Most importantly, before you consider going to Hamilton Pool, you must make a reservation. Your reservation is your passport to paradise. Visitation to Hamilton Pool has been on the rise the past several years, and as a result, Travis Country Parks requires reservations. Follow up with Travis County Parks to check the water quality before going on your trip in order to prepare for swimming. There is an entrance fee, and the park does not accept cards, so bring cash. Hiking to the pool is rugged and steep, so maintain your excitement until you get to the pool. There is not a lifeguard on duty, so be careful when swimming. On a final note, Travis County Parks respectfully asks that guests do not bring pets to the preserve.

The Exciting

Waterfall Splash at Hamilton PoolPhoto: Wikimedia

The best thing though, is that swimming at Hamilton Pool is exhilarating, and it feels like you are on a tropical island in paradise. The views are stunning and the beautiful glossy green water is refreshing when you take that first big dive. You’ll feel the coolness surround your body, offering a retreat from the harsh summer heat. Swimming under the waterfall is a heavenly experience filled with peace an relaxation. Make sure you take plenty of tasty snacks, water to stay hydrated, and sunscreen because the park does not offer concessions.

Contact and Additional Information for Hamilton Pool

Photo: Flickr/ Quiquefepe

For additional information, reservations, and updates on water quality, visit the Travis County Parks website.