Target Releasing New Wine Line That’s Budget-Conscious & Buzz-Worthy

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If you’re a fan of wine (hello – umm, Texas… second largest AVA in America!), then you’ll be excited to hear this next bit of sizzling sommelier news. Starting in March, Target is launching “The Collection.” This new wine line offers bottles priced quite reasonably at $9.99.

Beginning with five varietals, The Collection will feature two whites, two reds, and one rosé. Their Chardonnay is defined as having an aroma of freshly baked, buttered biscuits, which is definitely something we can get behind! The Cabernet Sauvignon is said to have notes of black cherry and has the makings of a “dark and dense” drink. Their Pinot Grigio is listed as a crisp wine with honeysuckle, white peach, and melon notes. The Red Blend is slightly lighter as compared to the Cab Sauv, featuring notes of blackberry, mocha, and caramel. And the Rosé is described as having finishes that feature “hints of strawberry and watermelon.”

Target Releasing New Wine Line That's Budget-Conscious & Buzz-Worthy

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The wines from The Collection will be a new addition to other such offerings by Target. Their present wine labels consist of California Roots and Wine Cube (wine in a can), the former of which will also be getting a Sauvignon Blanc varietal. With a price point at $9.99, it’s a great deal on a drink that will satisfy your tastes and fire up a great ladies night in or girls weekend getaway. Target is saving you the additional trip to the liquor store, and you were already going there to get your yoga pants, a new pair of heels, a footstool, and five bags of those chips you like. Drinking responsibly on a budget is part of adulting, and the company is just helping you do more of that – right? These new bottles hit store shelves on March 3, 2019, so get ready to get your sip on.