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Taste Some Great Down South Cooking at Brooklyn’s in Buda

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Perhaps you’ve been to Buda. It is about 30 minutes south of Austin and has a beautiful historic downtown area. Or maybe you live there or nearby and get to enjoy the town each day. If you’ve never spent time in Buda, it’s a nice place to go antique shopping, park recreating, or train viewing. While in Buda, if you are hungry or thirsty, consider going to Brooklyn’s Down South, located at 100 N. Main Street.

Parking around the side

Photo Courtesy of Sally Blue

Formerly known as Cleveland’s, which retained the same owner, management, and staff but closed at the end of December 2016, Brooklyn’s was opened in 2017 with a revitalized concept of cuisine including traditional American, Cajun/Southern and traditional items from Mexico. Boasting a full bar on one side and seated restaurant-style on the other, Brooklyn’s is open seven days a week and sports brunch on Saturday and Sunday.

Sampled items from the menu were Loaded French toast, hamburger, boudin balls, cheese grits and Brooklyn’s Breakfast which consisted of two eggs cooked to preference, andouille sausage, and a cheddar thyme biscuit and gravy. The French toast featured fresh fruit and whipped cream cheese, with light cinnamon.

Whipped Cream Cheese

Photo Courtesy of Sally Blue

The hamburger was well cooked and stacked high with accompanying comestibles, so much so that the bun had some difficulty keeping up. Arm yourself with plenty of napkins for this one, especially if you opt for the fried egg topper. While tasty, this entrée was not exactly photogenic. On the other hand, the boudin balls were quite lovely to look at and even better to taste, along with the attending remoulade but these disappeared from the table before the camera could come out. Cheese grits were ordered as a side and proved to be a crowd pleaser. They were fluffy and not overwhelmingly cheese-laden. The Brooklyn Breakfast proved to be quite filling and a stroll down the sidewalk was definitely needed afterward.

Pepper gravy

Photo Courtesy of Sally Blue

Overall the atmosphere at Brooklyn’s Down South is casual with a few trendy elements. The bar featured Sunday football and patrons were enjoying their time there. Next time Buda crosses your mind, wander down Main Street. There is something for all palates with a front seat for viewing the trains, then try the park afterward. Bon appetite!