Buda Texas

Welcome to Buda Texas

Buda, Texas is a charming little city 20 minutes outside of Austin. The city was first settled in the 1880’s, giving it years of rich history. Buda feels very strong about creating a safe and affordable community for all the residents. Buda residents are spoiled with a relaxed living environment, which makes it the ideal vacation for individuals looking to get away from the stresses of big cities.

Buda is infamous for their wiener dog races and annual Buda County Fair on the last weekend in April. Residents and tourists can’t help but laugh while watching short-legged wiener dogs and their owners race as fast as they can in hopes of winning the wiener dog race. The festivities include live music, a barbeque cook off, a bake off, vender booths, and much more. Don’t miss out on one of Buda’s biggest events.

Buda has excellent lodging locations only 15 minutes away from the races at Circuit of the Americas. Not only is Buda lodging extremely close, but it is also exceptionally affordable and clean.

Want to visit an attraction that reaches out to all members of the family? Downtown Buda has a little bit of everything. They have shopping for antiques, home decor, and fashion. They have delicious local food and treat options. Downtown Buda also offers several entertainment and event options, such as Alive After Five.

Explore the great outdoors in Buda, Texas with several scenic parks and natural areas offering hiking and biking trails. These parks are the perfect place to relax and enjoy the beauty of the Hill Country.

Buda Texas

City Summary
Population: 9,381
Elevation: 702 ft
Wiener Dog Races are held the last weekend in April.
The annual Buda County Fair is also the last weekend in April.
Enjoy affordable lodging in Buda while visiting the Circuit of the Americas’ races.

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