Report Explores Jobs in Relation to Technology by 2030

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Based on a report recently issued by Dell Technologies, by 2030 every organization will be a technology organization. Subsequently, they recommend that businesses need to begin to plan today to future-proof their workforce and their infrastructure. Led by the Institute for the Future (IFTF), the research was completed in conjunction with 20 business, academic, and technology experts worldwide. Looking at how emerging technologies such as augmented reality, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, robotics, and virtual reality will transform our lives. The report, which was titled “The Next Era of Human-Machine Partnerships,” looks at how the workforce will operate over the course of the next 10 years. It also recommends insight on how both business and their consumers can plan and prepare for a society that finds itself in a state of constant change.

Exploring the New Era of Man in Relation to Machine: Partnering for 2030

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Forecasting that massive software advancement, emerging technologies, and large data and processing power will reshape the way we live, the report identifies that society will soon be entering into a new phase with respect to the way it relates to machines specifically characterized by such things as:

  • Efficiency and capacity
  • Technology working as an extension of people
  • Technology completing effective employee “matchmaking” with appropriate jobs worldwide
  • Responsive learning, whereby populations learn “in the moment” and at the pace of change

Other report highlights included the concept that by 2030 integrated, personalized artificial intelligence (AI) assistants will be able to support far more than today’s assistants do, being both predictive and automated. In that same vein, however, it identified that technology will change the process of finding work as opposed to replacing existing workers. Work will take the shape and concept as a series of tasks as opposed to a place to go. And finally, an estimated 85 percent of employment in 2030 will be jobs that haven’t even been invented yet.

Exploring the New Era of Man in Relation to Machine: Partnering for 2030
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