Can it Get Any More Texan Than a 3-Foot Whatamum?

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A Sinton man made Texas mum history this past week after creating a stunning three-foot Whataburger-style homecoming mum. Adrian Michael Alaniz, an event planning business owner, said he came up with the concept while eating some of the famous fast-food chain’s chicken strips. Within two hours of work, he had created a mum masterpiece that many a Texan wanted.

As Alaniz told, there’s nothing more Texas than a Texas Whataburger mum. Gathering some local Whataburger food and beverage containers, he designed the enormous floral piece within a couple of hours, creating an orange and white Whatamum complete with feather boas and LED lights. As far as a homecoming mum goes, this was a doozy!

Placing the Whataburger-style mum in the window of his business, he uploaded pictures of the finished product to his social media, which proceeded to blow up the internet! Almost immediately orders began coming in from across the state – including one from his local Whataburger. Ultimately, Alaniz explained that the original was the only one he would make, and the Sinton fast food franchise purchased the glorious creation for $200 to put on display in their store. Speaking of orange, Alaniz is presently planning for some fantastic Halloween-themed mums as the month of October fast approaches. A Whatamum can’t be the most outrageous type of homecoming mum idea out there, but it certainly speaks of Texas and state pride!