Texans Eat The Strangest Things! Bizarre Texas Foods Part Two

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Texas is a mix of many things: cultures, geography, history, and borders. Along the way, we picked up things and developed our own, including bizarre food combinations. One can simply look to these food meldings of the Lone Star State to know we like to try new flavor combos. Although not only found in Texas, here are just a few examples of some popular pairings!

Big Red margaritas: first things first for the non-Texans: Big Red is a Waco-born soda created in 1937. Originally called something less iconic, the name became official in 1969 when a San Antonio bottling plant president heard a golf caddy refer to the soda as Big Red. The flavor is very sweet and has been described as strawberry or bubble gum, but most habitual drinkers note other things taste like Big Red, not vice versa. While best initially consumed in childhood, Texans found a way to adult it up. Best to order a frozen version of the Big Red margarita and share with a friend!


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Kolaches: first things first for the Texans, kolaches in their truest form do not have meat. Klobasnek (plural: klobasniki) is the correct term for the popular breakfast food with sausage, cheese, etc. Meanwhile, kolaches are fruit-filled circular rounds of sweet dough that nestle fillings of preserved fruit, brought to central Texas by Czech families in the late 19th century. Visit the Texas Czech Belt and embrace the deliciousness as originally developed.

Peanut butter & tomato sandwich: Texas has a long history with peanuts, and with our many annual months of sunshine, tomatoes grow happily here. Paired together, they are a treat indeed! Whip up this quick and filling protein snack with what’s in your kitchen, or go fancy with jalapeno peanut butter from Texas’s own Oliver Pecan Company, a juicy Cherokee Purple tomato, and toasted sourdough. Try it today!

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