Do You Live in One of the Three Safest Cities in the Texas?

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According to a recent report published by, the 65 safest cities in Texas have been ranked. Statewide crime rates according to FBI reports were taken into account, and as a result, there are some key parts of the Lone Star State that could use some improvement. However, in Central Texas, three of the safest cities (according to stand out among the crowd.

Texas is an amazing place to call home, and it’s a fantastic state in which to take a vacation. It has an abundance of things to see and do. If you’re making Texas your permanent home, employment rates are great, the cost of living is good, and the number of communities you could comfortably live in is large. From outdoor sports to indoor recreation, from arts and culture to wildlife and nature you never thought possible to see, it’s all here in Texas. Singles and young couples, families, college students, and retirees have made their homes here, and they feel safe and confident in their communities. That’s why this report focuses on all the places we call home—be they smaller settings or large urban centers.

Do You Live in One of the Three Safest Cities in the Texas?

Photo: Pexels is a home security data website. To complete their report on the safest cities in Texas, they analyzed property crime as well as violent crime trends together with demographics to rank 65 places that could call themselves the safest in the Lone Star State. Each place had a population of more than 50K. The crime rates of each city in this report were developed using recent data, after which they were given a “Safety Score.” This was based on crime rate factors for murder, burglary, rape, and assault, together with the city’s unemployment rate and its population density. As a result, Georgetown and Cedar Park, in the Texas Hill Country, as well as the city of Pflugerville – all three in Central Texas – were among the top 10 safest cities in the state.

Do You Live in One of the Three Safest Cities in the Texas?

Photo: Pexels

Flower Mound (outside of Dallas,) was the number one safest city in Texas. The full list can be seen here. Some of the entries might be familiar to you, while others may seem like a dark horse. Calling Texas home has never been a point of shame for anyone who lives here, but knowing your city ranked among the safest is definitely a game-changer in terms of confidence, happiness, and peace of mind. The website ultimately spoke highly of Texas, saying: “…Texas is a very safe place to be. Even in areas that are densely populated, the crime rates are on the lower end compared to other states. 4 of the state’s safest cities made it to the top 100 safest cities on the national level.”