Do You Know Texas Has 5 State Flowers?

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3. Lupinus Havardii

Bluebonnets in Big Bend National Park
Photo: Jason Weingart

Commonly referred to as the Big Bend or Chisos bluebonnet, this lupine can tower up to three feet tall. This species grows in the Big Bend region and peaks in early March.

4. Lupinus concinnus

Lupinus concinnus grow sparsely in the Trans-Pecos region.
Photo: Flickr/Don Davis

These little fellows only grow up to seven inches and are the rarest to find. They bloom in the early spring in the Trans-Pecos region.

5. Lupinus plattensis

Lupinus plattensis S. Watson - Nebraska lupine LUPL Clarence A. Rechenthin.
Photo: USDA-NRCS PLANTS Database/Clarence A. Rechenthin

These bluebonnets are found in the Texas Panhandle. They grow to two feet tall and bloom late spring. They are also called the Nebraska lupine, dune bluebonnet, and the plains bluebonnet.

While you’re out looking at bluebonnets this spring, keep your eyes open. You could be the one to find the sixth state flower of Texas.

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