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Texas Bullet Train and Amtrak Reservations Make Connections

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The Texas Central Bullet Train has reached another milestone in its process toward implementing the first high-speed train project not only in Texas but the U.S. Inking a deal with Amtrak, Lone Star State passengers of the proposed train will have access to connections on national routes via Amtrak. The deal states that tickets for both the Texas bullet train and the national train service provider will be available for purchase over Amtrak’s reservation system, breaking new ground for Texas Central, but re-opening the door for Amtrak which, since 1995, hasn’t operated between Houston and Dallas.

In a statement released by Tim Keith, President of Texas Central, it was asserted: “This agreement is another important step in the progress of the Texas Bullet Train. It gives both local and interstate travelers more options and ease of travel not previously available by intercity passenger trains in Texas.” At this time, a final environmental study of the 240-mile route for the Texas bullet train is being completed by the Federal Railroad Administration.

Texas Bullet Train Ticketing and Amtrak Reservations Make Connections

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The proposed train’s route was announced in December of 2017, to follow a utility route (or local transmission lines) and the public was given 60 days in which to voice their opinions and concerns for feedback. The project has drummed up controversy in rural Texas, however, owing to the private company’s future eminent domain rights – and details about the company’s process and efforts to negotiate with private landowners along the route have yet to be released. The last reports indicated that the economic benefit from the project to the state is anticipated to be over $36 billion in the next 2.5 decades.