Are Texas Cities Healthy: What do the Facts Say

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According to a report by WalletHub, the rising costs of healthcare coupled with our country’s life expectancy dipping for the second year in a row prompted them to conduct a study on the most and least healthy U.S. cities. The personal-finance website helps its users make life decisions based on current data, which would affect such things as where they live. That being said, the details may surprise you. How healthy are cities in Texas? We could stand to have a check-up every now and then.

WalletHub’s study, entitled “2018’s Healthiest & Unhealthiest Cities in America,” identified the urban hubs in which the residents’ health is considered a priority. Comparing over 170 of the largest American cities over 40 integral data sets, they studied such details fitness clubs per capita, vegetable and fruit consumption, and costs for doctor visits.

Are Texas Cities Healthy: What do the Facts Say

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Key stats included the fact that Laredo has the lowest cost per doctor’s visit at $62.78, which was noted as being three times less expensive than the highest cost which was noted in Boston, Massachusetts. But, the issue with Texas’ urban centers appears to be poor health quality. Three of our cities ranked in the ten least healthy, with two of them being in the least and second-least! Corpus Christi ranked number 166 out of 174, with Laredo and Brownsville coming in at 173 and 174, respectively. On the positive, Austin ranked number 17, Plano came in at number 39, and the next closest in health was Houston at 92. It appears we have some healthier choices to make! To view the full report and where your Texas city ranked, please visit the link provided here.