This Texas County is Home to Over 50 Stunning Wineries

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With over 50 vineyards, Gillespie County in the Texas Hill Country is as pretty as a picture and loaded with charm. It’s also loaded with wine! As a part of the second largest AVA in America, this amazing piece of Texas is packed with wineries, wine tours, and vineyard events that people throughout the Lone Star State travel for. With so much of it concentrated into one county, you can easily get a sense of the Texas-sized opportunity there is for enthusiasts everywhere to make the trip and get their share of award-winning wine.

Within the town of Fredericksburg alone, there are 18 of these award-winning vineyards. Scattered throughout the rest of Gillespie County are the others, numbering more than 30, and all of which have received accolades for their wine production. Through the midst of it, Wine Road 290 is the best route on which visitors can see the country charm in between stops to taste, tour, and purchase their wine wares. There are also shuttle services designed to ensure the safety of guests as they get on and off at various vineyards, in either half-day, full-day, or even weekend trips. Many of the facilities offer tours, allowing visitors to explore this piece of Texas Hill Country heaven. Some of them allow guests to walk their vineyards (and many guests have proposed there!) and others invite guests to actually watch the winemaking process occur.

This Texas County is Home to Over 50 Stunning Wineries

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There are four wine trails offerings that take place annually, showcasing each of these properties in a series of special events and tastings. There are also entire festivals designed around their wine as well as the various decadent food pairings that go with them. Dinners, entertainment events, and even grape stomps are only a handful of the fun features Gillespie County is home to for wine tourism. While you tour, you can sample some of the finest Texas wine there is, add to your collection, or simply take home a souvenir bottle of your visit. So if you’re wondering where the crossroads are for your wine interests and the beautiful Texas Hill Country scenery, it’s in Gillespie County. To plan a trip or learn more about these award-winning wineries, visit To keep up to date on new product releases or special events, visit their Facebook page at the link available here.