A Customer Service Nightmare in Texas Goes Viral: Watch the Shocking Video

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“Treat others as you wish to be treated” should really be stamped on our foreheads somewhere. Many of us who have experienced work in customer service can sadly recount a time in which a customer wasn’t on their best behavior, treating us more like doormats than an access point for assistance. “If you have any questions about store hours or product availability, kindly proceed in an orderly fashion to your nearest customer service representative…” is a nice way of saying, “Be adult about things,” which, really, shouldn’t have to be pointed out to people. Yet, Twitter user David Sosa had occasion to post a video this week captioned “Welcome to Mesquite, Texas,” which got users all Twitter-pated over the outlandish behavior that customers displayed at a local retail store.

The video quickly went viral, causing every level-headed person out there to want to quickly bury theirs in the sand. Sosa’s video captured the customers acting considerably rude toward customer service representatives, swearing, and being overly demanding and dramatic. Many watchers of its content took the opportunity to point out exactly what they felt was wrong with the incident, from the perspective of customer service. Originally seen as a gateway for a truly wonderful customer/store relationship, a customer service representative is taught many things by their superiors with respect to store policies, service etiquette, and what’s expected of them as representatives of the brand. In that process, however, the words, “The customer is always right,” tends to get a little overused, if not abused. Fear of retaliation is not meant to be a tool by which a customer can take an opportunity to treat a customer service representative poorly or in bad taste. Some people do, as we see here, and it’s often coupled with the threat of never bringing their business back (which, depending on the person, could be taken as a curse or a blessing…it all depends). No customer service representative, doing their job to their utmost and with sincerity, should be made to feel less than respected. And, likewise, no customer should feel entitled to any more rights or freedoms in terms of personal compassion or common decency simply out of the fact that they brought their business to that establishment.

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