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Say Bye Blizzard: Dairy Queen Closings in Texas

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If you love Dairy Queen Blizzards, consider picking up a final one. Many Dairy Queen restaurants around Texas are closing, which means some small towns in the state will lose their source of Blizzards and dipped cones, according to Houston’s local news station ABC13.

Why are the Stores Closing?

A Dairy Queen location

Photo: Facebook/Dairy Queen TX

The select stores must close because their franchise owner, Vasari LLC, has filed for bankruptcy. In addition to shuttering its Texas stores, this franchisee will also close locations in Oklahoma and New Mexico. Though sad for many smaller towns where these Texas Blizzard stops are located, there is a glimmer of good news.

Will Dairy Queen Disappear from Texas?

Dairy Queen chicken friend steak sandwich is still available at locations that will remain open.

Photo: Facebook/Dairy Queen TX

Perhaps the only good part of this story is the number of locations closing. Only 24 Texas locations will close, which leaves many more still operating. If your local store is affected, you may still find another nearby location to get your soft serve ice cream fix. And, don’t discount local ice cream shops. These shops may become your new favorite place to visit for a sweet treat if you cannot get to a Dairy Queen. By visiting these stores, you’ll get to try a new source for ice cream while helping to support local businesses.

Which Stores are Affected?

Dairy Queen restaurants are an institution in many small Texas towns
Photo: Facebook/Dairy Queen TX

Several Texas towns will lose at least one Dairy Queen location due to Vasari LLC’s bankruptcy. Though other stores may remain open in a town, at least one store will close in 24 Texas cities or towns. Of these, only a handful are in the Texas Hill Country, and none of the closings are in major cities. So, Texans in San Antonio and Austin can rest assured of their local stores remaining open. The following Texas towns will be affected by the store closings:

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