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Texas Will Endure a Hotter-Than-Normal Summer According to Meteorologists

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According to recent reports, Texas is in for above-normal temperatures this summer. The Climate Prediction Center issued a three-month forecast in early May identifying warmer than average temperatures but “equal chances” for precipitation. Although that may be no news to Texans, it means planning for longer-term triple-digit heat with minimal pauses. To stay cool in the hot summer ahead, plan for higher electricity bills (for air conditioning), more dips in the pool, or trips to the local swimming hole.

In the Texas Hill Country, in particular, the weeks leading up to the official recognition of summer on June 21 held record-breaking temperatures. Heat index readings were close to triple-digits, and records were set at the Austin airports. Data reveals that in 2017, the Hill Country had 42 days in the triple digits over the course of the summer. Many believe we should be preparing for something similar this year, if not more-so.

Texas Will See a Hotter-Than-Normal Summer According to Meteorologists

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Reports have stated, “The outlook favors hotter than normal temperatures for not only all of Texas but almost all of the United States for the summer months. As for rainfall, drier than normal weather is favored in the months ahead.” With that, many counties will be on high alert for wildfires, with open-fire bans anticipated throughout the state. Texans are advised to take every precaution in dealing with this aspect and to prepare for the effects that heat can have on their family members, including the elderly, young children, and pets.