Where Does Texas Rank Among the Most Independent States?

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The personal finance website WalletHub recently released its study entitled “2019’s Most Independent States.” With Americans preparing to celebrate Independence Day, this couldn’t be timelier. Clearly, some states feel more independent than others in this day and age— *cough, Texas, cough*. You would think that the Lone Star State would rank among the most independent in the nation, right? After all, the state that’s home to the Alamo and has such a rich history of brave pioneers should be up there at the top. However, the results of the study just might surprise you.

The study measured how dependent U.S. citizens are on the government, as well as other sources, for things such as jobs, finances, and their personal vices. Surprisingly, Texas ranked number 34 on that list. According to WalletHub, 2019’s top five most independent states ranked in order from Utah at number one, followed by Nebraska, Massachusetts, and Minnesota to Colorado at number five.

Where Does Texas Rank Among the Most Independent States?

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Other key statistics captured by this WalletHub study reveal that Montana is the state with the lowest share of employees in the private sector who are employed by foreign-owned companies. Pennsylvania ranked as having the lowest share of government workers (from all three levels of government, local, state and federal). And New Hampshire had the lowest share of residents living in poverty.

Where Does Texas Rank Among the Most Independent States?

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Texas has long asserted its independent nature and identifies with that quite strongly. However, statistics from the “2019’s Most Independent States” report would suggest that we’re lacking in some areas. Likewise, as a whole, we may not be fully aware of the nature of our employment (i.e., whether we work for a company which isn’t anchored in the U.S.) or how top-heavy we may be in terms of services and government support. The WalletHub study suggests that although we’re a strong state with a proud history, we may also have a ways to go before we return to the full-fledged independence of our past.