Texas Jewels You Need to Set Off Your Sparkle and Shine

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They say you can wear your heart on your sleeve, but you can also wear it in fashion and jewelry. We see Texas-everything. From T-shirts to food shaped like our beloved state (and lazy rivers that are just about as big as this land itself), we’re clearly fans. Jewelry that pays homage to Texas is no exception, and here are some great Texas jewels you should consider investing in to set off your sparkle this spring and summer.

1. Central Texas Charm

Texas Jewels You Need to Get to Set Off Your Sparkle

Photo: Authentic Texan

This pendant in the shape of the state has a cute little heart cut out where in the location of the Texas Hill Country. Significant to those who live there or love the area, this pendant could also simply represent that home is where the heart is, and if your home is in Texas, then this is one of the great Texas jewels you would love to have around your neck!

2. Anything Featuring the Concho River Pearl

Texas Jewels You Need to Get to Set Off Your Sparkle

Photo: Instagram/fourstjames

This little gem (which can sometimes be rather big, actually), can only be found in the Concho River in West Texas. Found in prized pieces of Texas jewelry, “…they come in irregular shapes, sizes, and colors, from an array of light pink through deep purple…Because of the uniqueness of each pearl, jewelers that specialize in them will custom-design around the pearl itself as opposed to trying to fit the gems into rings, pendants, and the like.”

3. The Bluebonnet Necklace

Texas Jewels You Need to Get to Set Off Your Sparkle

Photo: Authentic Texan

Coming straight from the heart of Texas – the Texas Hill Country – this gorgeous pendant is custom made using sterling silver, and “…set with lab-grown round sapphires and nano crystal marquis emeralds.” It comes with an 18-inch sterling silver wheat chain and lobster clasp for beauty and durability. One of these charms around your neck will charm anyone in sight and immediately let them know you love the state flower of Texas.