Texas Lasagna is the Easy New Hit on Your Winter Supper List

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Those looking for a hearty winter dish to warm you right down to your toes need look no further than Texas Lasagna. Stan McDonald, The Texas Chef, shared this recipe on his website, with unique Lone Star State-focused ingredients and a take on a traditional pasta dish you won’t be able to put down!

This recipe calls for the use of the lasagna noodles that are boiled and then set accordingly within the dish. However, as many of you know, some lasagna dishes can be made with the kind that you don’t have to pre-cook. It’s really your call as to whether you want to make the substitution. Just be cognizant of the fact that your selection may require a longer cooking time and may, in fact, alter the finished product that McDonald has shared. That being said, the cumin, chili powder, and black beans in this dish are something completely divergent from what one would consider traditional lasagna! But, hey, this is Texas Lasagna! You’re going to want to sit down and fully enjoy every savory bite of this tasty Texas creation.

Texas Lasagna

Texas Lasagna is the Easy New Hit on Your Winter Supper List


Key ingredients for this dish include:

Diced Tomatoes


Ground Beef

Shredded Cheese


Lasagna Sheets


The full ingredient list, measurements, and step-by-step instruction for the preparation of Texas Lasagna can be found at the link provided here by The Texas Chef. The tomatoes, chicken base, chili powder, cumin, and garlic (minced) are all placed in blender for a smooth puree which serves as the sauce for this delicious main dish. The ground beef is cooked with bell peppers, onion, more cumin, garlic and chili powder, and seasoned with pepper and salt to taste. This is used as the meat layer in between lasagna sheets, black beans, and corn. It truly makes a unique taste sensation you’ll identify with Texas completely once you’ve had a sample. Plus, your family will love this as a new main you could possibly rotate on your supper list!