Texas Music Spotlight: Aaron Einhouse

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When I was given an opportunity to pen a weekly Texas Music article for Texas Hill Country, my first order of business was to reach out to the artists I interviewed last year for “5 Texas Country Artists You Have to Check Out Now.” One of the first musicians I was able to connect with was the ever accommodating Aaron Einhouse. He kindly allowed me to push our interview time back by a few hours and was as gracious as ever when I finally able to call.

The last time I spoke to Aaron, he was on his way to a show in Alpine, Texas. This time, he was on his way back from Nashville, Tennessee.  He’s been out on the road promoting his fourth album, “It Ain’t Pretty”, which was released in May of 2016. The first thing I noticed when listening to his new album was the change in his voice. His voice sounds grittier. Rougher. As if he took it out, soaked it in whiskey for three days, added some gravel and nicotine for good measure, then replaced it back into his soul. “It is the whiskey” he laughs when I asked him if that’s what happened. Having had no formal voice training, he says it’s really about just getting into the songs more and not worrying about performing so much. Well, whiskey, worry or whatever, “It Ain’t Pretty” showcases how Aaron has grown, not only as a singer, but as a writer as well.

The Richest Man

Black and White photo of Texas Music artist Aaron Einhouse's grandfather


The first song we talked about, titled “The Richest Man”, is a song that is singularly special to Aaron’s heart. It’s one of the first songs he ever wrote and he released an acoustic version on his debut album, “Off The Edge”. The song’s a touching tribute to Aaron’s grandfather, who inspired him in so many ways. “He has a lot to do with who I am as a man, and as a person, and as a father, and who I want to be.”¹  When his grandfather passed away right before Aaron started to record “It Ain’t Pretty” he was moved to revisit the song as a fond farewell. “I never thought that I did a good job of finishing the song,” Aaron admits. So, he recorded a new version with his band, and included it on the album.  It’s a song that speaks to the hard working man from long ago and how he honestly appreciated everything he had.  “I didn’t make much money, I don’t have pockets full of gold…you ask me buddy I’m the richest man you know”. What a poignant way to honor a man who meant so much to him. Aaron also posted a moving video on his Facebook page where he re-visits his grandfather’s workshop back home. Give it a watch here. 

My Susannah

As much as I wanted to keep listening to Aaron fondly talk about his grandpa, I had to move on.  I had to ask about the song he says is probably his favorite song from the new album to perform live. I had to ask about “My Susannah.” “I always kinda wanted to write a song with a twist,” he says, “I’ve never written a murder song like that.” Yes, you read that right. A murder song. A song that touches on the angry desperation of a man done wrong by his woman. His Susannah. And while many a country song has been written about cheatin’ spouses, not many allude to such a dark and final conclusion. When you realize at the end exactly why “My Susannah ain’t coming home tonight,” it’s a bit of a shock. But that’s what makes “My Susannah” one heck of a song. 

Thinking of You

Texas Music Artist Aaron Einhouse album cover

Photo: Pricefalls

The last song we talked about was Thinking of You”. strong bluesy melody that grabs you from the first chord, it’s a little Chris Stapleton and a lot Aaron Einhouse. And as if the song alone isn’t a gut punch of emotion, he went and shot the video that hits you twice as hard. Produced by Natalie Rhea, it’s just Aaron, a dark room and all the pent up anger he has at all the girls that broke his heart. “Before I was married though”, he adds. He says he channeled those feelings, but that he also did a little acting, too. They shot about 20 takes that day, but ultimately the video released was one of the last takes they did in its entirety. “I’ve been thinking of you… Every minute of every day… Feeling you get further away… I was blind but now I see… You weren’t thinking of me.” It’s a heart-breakin’ fist-shakin’ song we all can relate to.

Last year, Aaron played over 130 shows throughout the country. This year, he’ll do about the same, but is touring in places he’s never played before, such as Idaho, Montana, Colorado, and New Mexico. Somewhere in between all of that, he’s still writing songs and is scheduled to return to the studio in August. A new album, though, probably won’t release ’til early next year. Looks like we are going to have to wait a bit. So in the meantime, Texas Music fans, pick yourself up, get a Stetson Stratoliner and a Texas-brewed whiskey and download “It Ain’t Pretty”. I promise, it will help you pass the time until Aaron comes back and knocks us right back down again.