Texas Twitter Fans Angered Over In-N-Out/Whataburger Study Results

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Following the release of the results of a 2017 study identifying In-N-Out as the favorite fast-food chain of Texas, many a Texan Twitter user admitted being confused, if not downright angry. One even went as far as re-designing the map to show Whataburger as the favored locale.

Foursquare is an app that provides personalized recommendations for popular spots to visit based on a user’s location. It completed the study last year, and in November of 2017, the results were published by Business Insider. The results resurfaced on Twitter recently when Cheddar (an online financial news network) shared them in a September 21 tweet, asking the question, “Would you agree?”

Texas Twitter Fans Angered Over In-N-Out/Whataburger Data Controversy

Photo: Facebook/Ben Reneau

As reported by Click2Houston, quite a few Twitter followers did not agree, many of whom identified that Whataburger was, in fact, their clear favorite. “Whataburger is Texas,” said one commenter. Bringing up a debate about the legitimacy of the study findings, the question was posed as to whether Foursquare was an app that was even being used throughout the state of Texas (as well as many other states, as noted by the number of skeptical readers). “This can’t be true,” said an additional commenter. “In-n-out is not Texas’ favorite fast food. Prolly because no one uses Foursquare in Texas.” The article from Business Insider explained that Foursquare’s results were gleaned by dividing each chain’s total number of visits across Texas (presumed to be based on check-ins using Foursquare) by the total number of chain stores found within the state. What are your thoughts on the study? Do you agree with its findings?