This Texas Theater Allows Dogs and Serves Unlimited Wine

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A movie theater in Plano, Texas, allows dogs to enjoy the show too, and the theater serves unlimited wine (or four whiskeys, whichever is your pleasure)! Read that again, we’ll wait.

K9 Cinemas is the brainchild of Eric Lankford, who recognized a niche market for places that are dog-friendly and that pet owners love to visit. Hence, his Plano movie theater opened first as a pop-up in 2018 with a mission to allow its visitors to watch movies with their dogs or puppy pals. It was so successful, it moved to a permanent location shortly thereafter. The booze service is simply an added bonus!

This Texas Theater Allows Dogs and Serves Unlimited Wine

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This canine-friendly cinema shows older films and has special TV show events, such as their recent “Game of Thrones” viewing party, but who’s complaining? The movies aren’t generally announced until the day-of, but for the most part, they’re family- or dog-oriented. K9 Cinemas is the first of its kind anywhere in the world. There are 30 seats for human guests and plenty of space for their four-legged friends. The concession offers plenty of treats for both types of viewers!

This Texas Theater Allows Dogs and Serves Unlimited Wine

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For just $15, one adult human and one dog can enjoy a screening with unlimited wine (or the four glasses of whiskey we mentioned). A second dog can also tag along for an additional $5. However, no more than two dogs per person are allowed. There are a couple ground rules: Bring some bags for poop-duty, and if you’re going for your first visit, bring current vaccination paperwork for your furry friend. Otherwise, kick back, relax, pet your dog, and watch a film together. And did we mention the unlimited wine? How easy can life get?!

What movie would you want to see the most with your four-legged friend? “The Incredible Journey,” or a canine classic like one of the Lassie movies? Let us know! We want to hear your answer.