Tragedy Struck Rubi’s Viral Quinceañera

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Earlier this month, an invitation to a girl’s big quinceañera (15th birthday party) went viral and it became a running joke that 1.3 million people intended on going to the party in central Mexico. Even though people replied across the world that they were “attending” the birthday celebration on Facebook, it was only meant to be a local party.

Now, Rubí Ibarra García’s celebration has passed, and it was much more overwhelming than the 15-year-old girl and her family had expected. Over 20,000 people attended her quinceañera.

People came with positive intentions, hoping to share in a joyous occasion. NBC News reports that one woman drove for five days to attend. “We bring her many well-wishes, blessings and a $150-dollar gift,” she told Telemundo.

But Rubí and her parents appeared visibly flabbergasted throughout the party. Any girl’s quinceañera is a simultaneously wonderful and stressful event, but Rubí’s was unprecedented. Even though police and the Mexican Red Cross were there, tragedy struck the event.

CNN writes that during the planned horse race, horse owner Félix Peña was trampled by the horses and died in route to the hospital, and sadly, another person was also injured in the stampede. An investigation is underway to figure out what exactly happened in the chaotic scene.