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Traveler in the Sky—Goddess of the Night: The Lesser Light

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At night, as the cricket and frog sounds fought for the attention of my senses against the brilliance of the moonlight, I dreamed. Maybe the same kinds of dreams that ancient man had, mixed with the knowledge of modern thought. Sometimes, I would position myself in the bed where I forced the moonlight to trek across my face. The feeling was one of exuberance. There appeared to be power in the light.

Traveler in the Sky—Goddess of the Night: The Lesser Light

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Some full moon night, pause for a moment, look skyward, and drink from the moon’s fountain of beautiful liquid light. Bask in the purity of her glow. Dream the adventures of your youth, and herald the deeds of your past. Remember that somewhere beyond the moon lies eternity, and what a wonderful Deity guides us on that trip toward the beyond.

I wrote a poem for the occasion of submitting this writing. I hope you enjoy it.

Lady Moon

Oh majesty lady of the night in full,

on beauty wings you send your light below.

Presenting tips of tender touch

and expressions balanced on laughter’s smile,

enshrined in perpetual glow.


The world is bathed with brilliance of thought

that flows on silvered angel hair,

readily basking in oneself.

Silhouetted reflections of an ancient golden fleece

seem to reach out and touch the face

of father sun.


My love slumbers in her darkened realm.

But through the curtain of a lonely room

the moon appears and catches the beauty

of her lovely face.

Mirroring back the enchanting light,

providing the hope of love

for the entire universe.

Durhl Caussey is a syndicated columnist who writes for papers across America. He may be reached at this paper or [email protected]

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