The Texas Hill Country Treasure Trove That is Colorado Bend State Park

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If you were ever curious what wonders the Colorado Bend State Park holds, then look no further than the Texas Parks and Wildlife YouTube channel, which features a number of very well made clips, not the least of which is a short feature on this beloved state park in the Texas Hill Country.

This amazing piece of Lone Star State property boasts relatively undeveloped parklands and a “little taste of what Texas used to look like.” Gorman Falls, as an example, is a highlight of the park and a major hike that each visitor is tempted to take. Its crystal clear water spills over 65 feet to the pool below. Not only that, but those who are interested in seeing what other treasures the property holds can explore a series of caves on a guided tour.

This TPWD video also informs viewers that Colorado Bend State Park has 14 miles of mountain biking trails and 16 miles of hiking paths to explore! And if you’re visiting the park in the hot summer months, there are natural springs on-site that make the perfect Texas swimming hole (the kind you generally read about online or in magazines) to while away the day and stay cool. There are also great opportunities for paddling (either by kayak or canoe) as well as fishing, and the camping is second-to-none!