The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Save Money on Your Hill Country Wedding

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Are you in the midst of planning your wedding? Did you become recently engaged and are heading down that path? Are you a mother of the bride or groom, and just don’t know how to help or where to start? We can help!

Our friends at THE SPRINGS EVENTS have developed the ultimate and glorious “cheat sheet” to save you money as you work within your wedding budget. It has more than 50 ways to save, and it’s brilliant! So, we wanted to share it with you as you gather all of the critical information you need to begin the arduous – but fun – process of wedding planning. Grab a pen, take some notes, and most of all — enjoy saving those dollars for your honeymoon!

1. Choose a Non-Saturday, Off-Season Date

The Springs Wedding Party


But our guests are out of town! We hear this all of the time. Most reservations occur over a year out, so guests have plenty of time to make arrangements to be there. In our experience, it doesn’t matter which day of the week you choose… they’ll be there! We promise.

By choosing a date in the off-season, you can save lots of money. Off-season is subjective by location, but in general, these are December through February wedding dates. For instance, the difference between February 27 and March 7 is over $1,000 off at THE SPRINGS.

2. Choose a Venue With a Full-Day Rental

Legacy Wedding VenueLegacy Wedding Venue

It’s a treat to have the entire venue to yourself for the entire day. At THE SPRINGS, you can relax and savor your wedding day. Enjoy our bridal and groom dressing suite and get ready onsite. Take pictures throughout the day and anticipate your guest arrival. No rushing through the reception, take it all in!

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