The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Save Money on Your Hill Country Wedding

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It’s common for venues to offer a “base” price for a set of time, generally 4-6 hours. Then you’ll need to pay for each additional hour.

3. Choose a venue that’s already beautiful when completely empty.

Stonehaven Wedding Venue


Does it “WOW” even without decor? Check out the landscaping, lighting, architectural elements, and furniture. You’ll save a bundle if you don’t have to retrofit and bring the “pretty” to the party.

4. Choose a venue that’s flexible with vendor choices.

Working with Wedding Vendors


When you hire the vendors, you control the budget. No mark-ups. Direct contracts between you and the wedding professional allows you to research and eliminate the venue as the “middle man”. It’s always a good idea to ask the venue for recommendations so you hire local & trusted, but ultimately it should be your call.

5. Create boundaries at the beginning.



Deciding on a venue will affect just about every other aspect of your total budget.

additional rentals needed…

vendor requirements…

the guest count…

So, know what to look for BEFORE you tour.

For more tips, check out this cheat sheet for all 50+ ways to save on your wedding! Happy Wedding Planning!

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