The Ultimate Texas Road Trip: Just in Time for Spring Break

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With spring break fast approaching, many Texans will be packing their bags, their families, and their cars and trucks to hit the road. In order to help them make the most of their vacation time, Chevrolet enlisted the help of Texas road trip guru, Randy Olson, who is also a lead scientist specializing in data visualization, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. In other words, he’s smart! He was asked by Chevrolet to calculate the ultimate Texas road trip, allowing families to visit the most well-known family-friendly attractions along the way.

His findings were big (because, hey…Texas is big!) and they allow for a family to make the ultimate Texas road trip over the course of their spring break. Chevrolet has noted that this option would require a total drive-time of 15 hours, and would encompass over 900 miles, but with the right vehicle, it’s well worth it!

Photo: Chevrolet

An interactive map of the state of Texas which includes all 10 family-friendly, popular attractions is available through the link provided here, a picture of which is provided above. Olson is an expert in the use of science (via algorithms) which means he can easily optimize the ultimate Texas family road trip, saving everyone time and energy in first researching everything, and then coordinating the appropriate route themselves. Chevrolet loved the fact that it took the stress away from planning a family holiday, which means reduced spring break anxiety.

The Ultimate Texas Road Trip: Just in Time for Spring Break

Photo: Facebook/Chevrolet

In a previous poll, Texas families identified that they were more concerned about traffic as well as the size of their vehicle in comparison to other stress factors when planning road trips such as this. With the assistance of Olson, Chevrolet hopes to have addressed at least one of the major factors, sending families out on the ultimate Texas road trip just in time for spring break! Happy traveling Texans!