Most Unique Horse Breeds In Existence You Need to See to Believe

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Seeing a horse in Texas isn’t an unlikely thing, but seeing one of these unique breeds is a rare treat indeed. We featured the Gypsy Cobs at Aunique Ranch in March of this year, and although a one-of-a-kind breed to witness, we didn’t know there were this many exceptional varieties of horses throughout the world that we have yet to lay eyes on.

The 10 breeds that are highlighted in the following video by Facts Verse each have a place in the world they hail from, different types of coats and colors that are unique to only them, and different purposes for which they are bred. One of them is even on the brink of requiring protection for fear of pending extinction, which would undeniably be a brutal loss to the equine world.

The Bashkir Curly Horse looks exactly as it sounds – right down to curly eyelashes! It truly does appear to be a cross between a horse and a poodle, with its completely curly coat. And there are two species of featured horses that are known to yet be wild, and therefore require photographers to find them as opposed to being easily accessible on a ranch or a farm. The video also features the tiniest breed of horse, called the Falabella Pony, which normally doesn’t grow any taller than 32 inches. As a result, it can only be ridden by very small children, but the unique use for which they are also bred is to perform the duty of being a guide pony for those with physical disabilities! And the final horse in the frame is not so much a breed as a horse with a chemically altered muscle structure. It is in fact over-muscular based on owner discretion, which makes it quite unique in itself.