This Video Explains How to Quickly Ripen an Avocado

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Sometimes when you’re grocery shopping, you think you’ll grab an avocado for later in the week, so you choose one that’s not quite ripe. Then, you get home and realize you’d love to feast on that delicious fruit immediately. (Yes, avocado is technically a fruit.)

If you have an unripened avocado that you can’t wait to eat, you can use a simple trick to speed up its ripening process in your kitchen. In this video, YouTube user DaveHax shows how you can make an extra firm fruit easily sliceable and ready to eat.

A few commenters on the video’s page wonder if this truly makes the avocado taste ripe or if it just softens the fruit so one can scoop into it with a spoon, making it appear ripe. The jury is out on this observation, and it probably all depends on how green and ripe you like your avocado. But if you’re in a hurry to mash up more fruit to include in a big bowl of guacamole, this might be the perfect trick to use.

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