Wagon Wheel Ranch: Legendary Horse Herd to be Sold Off

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Gaining its popularity for versatility, cow instincts, break-away-speed, and its good disposition, the American Quarter Horse is here today thanks, in part, to the visionary that was Fred G. Gist. After generations of breeding, the blood of the Foundation Quarter Horse Sires was diluted and so wide-spread that the genetics of their legendary sires’ were close to being lost. With foresight and a whole lot of determination, Fred G. Gist set out to preserve and restore the valuable American Quarter Horse Foundation Bloodlines. He did so from the Wagon Wheel Ranch in Lometa, Texas, and the resulting impact he’s had on their future is immense.

Established in 1872, the Wagon Wheel Ranch was purchased by the late Fred G. and Elaine Conger Gist of Midland, Texas in 1972. Working to collect the American Quarter Horse sires’ blood from across America (and doing so by literally traveling across the U.S. in a pickup), the Gists amassed one of the best herd of such horses in the world. Upon his passing, Fred and Elaine’s son, John Gist, together with the ranch foreman, Rusty Rodgers, continued Fred’s life passion. They worked hard with genetics programs and continued the process of search and upkeep with respect to the lines of horses such as King P-234, Joe Hancock, San Peppy, Blue Valentine, and many more.

Wagon Wheel Ranch: A Ranching Opportunity of a Lifetime in the Texas Hill Country
Photo: Facebook/Wagon Wheel Ranch Quarter Horses

In 2014, Total Horse Channel unveiled “Heritage: Preserving The Foundation of the American Quarter Horse,” a documentary which is now available for online viewing at the link provided here, the trailer for which can be viewed on the Wagon Wheel YouTube channel at the link available here. In it, the Emmy Award Winning Director Nick Nanton works to tell the story of how Gist changed the face of American horse breeding through research and passion, and how his legacy is carried on to this day. Gist was a trailblazer, preserving Foundation Bloodlines for generations of these horses to come.

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