You Have to Sign a Waiver to Eat This Texas Hill Country Burger

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Here in the Lone Star State, we’re famed for loving great, not to mention spicy, food. We’re even known to seek it out on rare occasions, and if you count yourself among that segment of the market, you’ve probably heard of Chunky’s Burgers in the Texas Hill Country. This San Antonio restaurant is the home of the “4 Horseman” burger challenge, for which you have to sign a waiver!

You Have to Sign a Waiver to Eat This Texas Hill Country Burger

Photo: Facebook/Kevin A. Parrett

You read that right. The “4 Horsemen” is so hot, it’s been recognized as the hottest burger in the state in prior industry lists, including Zagat’s Danger Burger list, and an episode of “Man V. Food.” A waiver is most definitely required if you’re going to tackle that kind of heat! Now, we’ve been known to love hot salsa, hot sauce on just about anything, and jalapenos on or in any kind of dish imaginable, but being deadened to the heat that can be produced by these things in no way prepares you for this burger. If you eat it in under 25 minutes, glory and fame will be bestowed upon you… No, not really. But you will get your name and picture up on Chunky’s Wall of Flame.

You Have to Sign a Waiver to Eat This Texas Hill Country Burger

Photo: Pexels

Containing Habanero sauce, fresh Jalapeno and Serrano peppers, and the infamous Ghost (Jolokia) pepper, the “4 Horsemen” challenge at Chunky’s Burgers comes with its own unique set of rules. ​You get 25 minutes to complete the meal, you can eat or drink anything you like in the process except for hot food remedies (such as milk), you aren’t allowed to use the restroom, no sharing, “spitting or double tasting.” The restaurant also provides the patrons who wish to go all-in with a chuck bucket. Use of it, however, means automatic disqualification. Adding insult to injury, if you miss the bucket, a $20 clean-up fee is tacked onto the cost of the burger. It’s not for the faint of heart, or stomach. But the brave souls who have successfully completed the “4 Horsemen” at Chunky’s Burgers have lived to tell the tale—and they’ve got the signed waiver to prove it! Are you up for the challenge?