A No-Holds-Barred Warm Weather, Camping-Road Trip Through the Hill Country

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It’s time to start planning your spring and summer Texas Hill Country road trips, and this one is long overdue! Considering Texas is generally so overflowing with natural beauty, and the Texas Hill Country is no exception to this rule, a drive to any of these gorgeous places won’t leave you lacking in awe or amazement. The entire trip can easily be done in a day, but we’d recommend a long weekend or a couple of extra days off work in order to appreciate the ride and fully take in the sites. Considering campgrounds are in close proximity to each of these locales, this makes for a great warm weather, camping-road trip through the Hill Country.

1. Jacob’s Well, Wimberley

A No-Holds-Barred Warm Weather Texas Hill Country Camping Road Trip

Photo: Facebook/Awesome Nature

The concept that a hole in the earth which is more than 200-feet deep exists right here in the Texas Hill Country is both terrifying and exciting at the same time! Although it’s quite a popular spot in the warm weather, Jacob’s Well is most definitely considered a gem, and a definite stop on any Texas Hill Country camping-road trip. The natural beauty of this Hill Country locale means this swimming hole ranks at the top of the list. Camping sites in the vicinity of Wimberley, where this natural wonder is located, can be found with a quick online search like the one at the link provided here.

2. Hamilton Pool, Dripping Springs

A No-Holds-Barred Warm Weather Texas Hill Country Camping Road Trip

Photo: Facebook/The Picture of Life

One of the most beautiful spots to stop and take a breather in the warm weather is at Hamilton Pool, located in Dripping Springs. Its overhang of limestone, with a picturesque waterfall pouring over the top toward the rocks below, pales only in comparison to the turquoise pool into which it flows. It has to be one of the Hill Country’s finer stops on a road trip, and camping is easily accessible at this link.

3. Willow City Loop, Fredericksburg

A No-Holds-Barred Warm Weather Texas Hill Country Camping Road Trip

Photo: Facebook/Texas for Texans Via Joe Davis

Although beautiful at any time of year, the Willow City Loop truly shines in early spring and summer, when the Texas Hill Country wildflowers take hold. Driving this loop and taking in all of its gorgeous vistas is something you’ll most definitely want to add to your warm weather camping-road trip itinerary. This drive will take your breath away! Camping options in this area can also be found at the link provided here. Happy traveling!